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The Synergistic Trio: How We Use 3 Types of Workouts to Help You Reach Your Goals

Last week, we delved into the differences between physical activity, working out, and training. (Click her to read that) 

This week, we’re exploring three distinct types of workouts we incorporate into your overall training program at AMPT: Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning (Met-Con aka cardio), and Active Recovery. Each of these workouts is unique, but they work synergistically to help you move better, feel better, and reach your individual fitness goals.


I like to say that cardio will extend the years of your life, strength training will add quality to those years and recovery will allow you to never have to stop.


Let’s dive in…


1. Strength Training: Building a Strong Foundation



Strength training aims to help you gain or maintain muscle mass, which improves your quality of life and if your goal is to lose weight it increases your potential to burn more calories. Weight bearing exercise is also great for bone density maintenance, and feelings of badass-ness.


Feels Different:

This workout is typically slower-paced, as it involves challenging exercises that require longer rest periods to recover fully. The key principle here is progressive overload, meaning each exercise must be challenging enough to create change. Which our coaches are right there to help guide you in figuring that out.



Our strength training sessions follow a structured progression system in a semi-private setting. This ensures that you perform exercises suitable for your current ability, gradually advancing to more complex movements. For example, before attempting a barbell back squat, you must first master a proper bodyweight squat, a goblet squat with a 44-pound weight, and a double kettlebell front squat totaling 52 pounds. This step-by-step progression minimizes injury risk and builds a solid foundation for more advanced exercises.


2. Metabolic Conditioning: Building Your Cardiovascular Health for Longevity



Met-Con workouts are designed to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance. They are also highly effective for burning a significant number of calories in a short period, making them helpful for those looking to lose body fat.


Feels Different:

Met-Con sessions are high-paced with shorter rest periods… aiming to elevate your heart rate, and then recovering, as much as possible. Unlike strength training, the focus is on completing more work in less time.



These workouts use various work-to-rest ratios so that you train your body to maintaining higher intensities. The exercises are typically full-body and explosive, such as TRX squat jumps, MB Throws and/or Rope waves which challenge both cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.


3. Active Recovery: Essential for Repair and Growth



Active recovery sessions allow your body to recover, adapt to previous workouts, and prepare for future efforts. Recovery is crucial because it’s during this period that your body repairs and strengthens itself.


Feels Different:

These workouts are slower-paced and less intense, designed to keep your heart rate moderately elevated without causing fatigue. You should leave feeling energized rather than tired.



Active recovery involves a combination of flexibility, mobility, and activation movements; lighter activities for all major body movements. For instance, a circuit may include a hip stretch, followed by a glute activation exercise like hip bridges, and end with a core strengthening exercise. These sessions are structured with a 30-second work and 7-second rest cycle to ensure continuous movement, similar to taking a 30-minute walk.


Synergy in Action


The magic happens when these three workouts come together: 

Strength Training: Builds and maintains muscle mass allowing your to lift more weight!


Met-Con: Capitalizes on the strength gained, enabling you to do more intense work.


Active Recovery: Keeps you moving and promotes recovery, allowing your body to adapt and be ready for the next strength workout.



This balanced approach ensures you’re not overtraining, reducing the risk of injury, and allowing for continuous improvement. It also sets us up for metabolic success, aka burning calories effectively! Remember, the goal is not just to exercise hard but to recover and adapt, paving the way for long-term fitness and well-being.


Next week we will ask some of our current members to share their thoughts on each workout… stays tuned!!

If you would like to experience these workouts please click here ---> (14 Day Trial) <--- and we will get you set up with a Strategy Session so we can design a program that meets you where you are at and progressively takes you to your goal!

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