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Do You Need to Flip the Script?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Are you struggling with losing that unwanted weight? Are you not happy, healthy and confident?

Then maybe you just need to flip the script!

Gone are the days of starting your workout with 20min of slow cardio on the treadmill, while your watch Jerry Springer (because it makes you fell better about yourself), and end with a few hard intervals to get the sweat going. Then taking a small Gatorade break to “refuel”, before you head over to do some light weight for high reps, because you “don’t want to get bulky”. 

Then the next day you go for a long 2 hour run because running makes you skinny; just like playing basketball makes you tall. (Unfortunately, they are not directly correlated) Your feet and legs are killing you; just another reminder that you are working “hard towards reaching your goals. 

The third day you take a rest day, and binge watch your favorite Netflix series because you are exhausted and can barely sit down on he the toilet. You have some cookies and milk as you watch because it is your “Cheat Day” and you “Earned” it. 

Now lets flip the script!!

It would be best if you took 10 - 12 minutes to do a full body RAMP (Range of Motion and Movement Preparation) to prepare your body for 30-40min of progressive resistance training. Then,  following up your resistance training with 4-5 minutes of intense intervals as a “burn out”. Notice that this workout is approximately 60 minutes. 

The next day, do a metabolic conditioning (Met-Con) session to ignite your metabolism and keep it elevated for the next 24-36 hours!!! Start with another 10-12 minute RAMP, followed up by short intervals with incomplete rest periods. Something like :30 seconds of explosive movement, followed by :30 seconds of complete rest, repeated in a series of 3-5 exercises for 3-5 rounds. Again this workout should be approximately 60 minutes. 

The third day you’re a littler sore, you can tell that you worked out, but you're not miserable. Instead of taking a complete rest day, you go into the gym hit the foam roll, do a RAMP, and then do a few light movements to loosen up those tight areas. This workout should be about 30-45 minutes and should result in you feeling like you can workout again… like right now. This workout will prepare your body, and keep your metabolism going, so that you can restart the same 3 day series of Strength, Met-Con, and Active Recovery. 

If you need help flipping the script, and this second option sounds interesting, check out our schedule by clicking here --> AMPT Schedule <--

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