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Why You Should Celebrate Your Achievements Instead of Focusing on Shortcomings

Did you ever get in trouble for a grade on a test? Like a decent grade, but  your folks only focused on the 10% you got wrong? And you just wanted to shout, “WHAT ABOUT THE 90% I GOT RIGHT?”

Fast forward to now… What if you worked your way up to deadlifting 100 pounds, but your grip gave out and you could only do 3 reps, when the rest of your body was ready for 8 reps? Would you be mad, or would you see the growth and the opportunity to grow? Could you be excited you made it that far, while making a mental note that we need to add more grip training to your next program?

Now think about the goals and tests you encounter in your adult life? Are you gauging your success working up from 0% or down from 100%?

It can be hard to gain ground and stay the course when your focus is on how you are falling short.

Try instead, when setting goals, to track progress starting at 0%. What is rock bottom? 

Like the actual worst, not just the negative little gremlin in your head that says you already are the worst. 

Now, look at how much better you are then your 0%. Do NOT judge where you think you should be, celebrate the progress you have already made!

❤️ Look at what has gone well to get you to that point. 

❤️ Acknowledge the setbacks that you have overcome, and the lessons you have learned. 

Those reflections can remind you that you are stronger than you feel some days.

And remember… 100% might change, as in the effort you can give and in how far you want to go. 0% is pretty consistent. And when we focus on what we do well, we tend to do more of it!

What steps up from zero are you making this week? What points have you earned this week? 

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