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9 Signs Your Nutrition Plan Is Working to Help You Lose Weight

Throw your scale away… because it doesn’t always tell the whole truth!

Let’s start with the facts. The weight you see on the scale is the total of your lean mass (muscles, bones, organs, etc..), fat mass, water and wastes that have not yet been excreted.

And throughout the day your weight fluctuates. Water weight changes based on your hydration status, salt intake, sleep, and carbohydrate intake. If you ate a salty meal the night before you step on the scale, your “weight” could be up 1-2 pounds. Or, If you avoided carbs the day before your “weight” could be down a few pounds. And last but not least, if you take poop you can easily lose 1-2 pounds.

The scale can be misleading and frustrating because it doesn’t give us all the data on how your body is changing. You could be down 1 pound of fat, and up 2 pounds of water and the scale will show that you gained 1 pound…. And when you are busting your butt in the gym, making more helpful food choices, and working to improve your sleep quality, it can be frustrating to not see results on the scale even though you may be losing weight in the right areas.

So, here are 9 other signs you can look for to see if your current fitness and nutrition plan is working that have nothing to do with the scale:

  1. You are following the GSPA Framework (Link) and sticking to your actions 90% of the time. Frequently engaging in helpful behavior is a sign you are, in fact, making positive changes! 

  2. You feel satisfied after meals 

  3. Have more energy

  4. Sleeping better

  5. Your clothes are fitting better

  6. You’re in a better mood

  7. You’re getting stronger and have more endurance

  8. Food habits are feeling normal, and not like a diet

  9. Blood markers are improving 

Ok, ok… you don’t have to throw away your scale but I want you to develop a better relationship with it. Instead of stepping on the scale every day; try to get on it once a week at the same time. And if it doesn’t show the results that you were hoping for look at the list above to see if your nutrition plan is working. It’s going to take time and the scale may not be showing you the whole truth. Let the scale be a tool for feedback and curiosity, instead of a determination of your value and success. 

You are more than a set of numbers! 

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