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Spring Cleaning for Fitness Success

It’s fools spring here in Elk Grove! You know...  the first set of warmer days, before the massive rain showers and colder weather that comes in March!  Even though it might not feel like spring in a few weeks, we can take full advantage of the pull to Spring Clean! Bryan and I did this weekend, completely emptying and reorganizing the boys playroom, the refrigerator and our bedroom. It was glorious, and we are enjoying the fresh start in those spaces and feeling motivated to clear out the rest of the house!  So, today I wanted to share a few non-traditional Spring Cleaning ideas for this "Fools Spring" that will set you up for fitness success in mind, body, and spirit! 1. The Kitchen Clean Out

The idea is to really set yourself up to make good choices and not test your will power daily. We identify the foods that tempt you and lead you down a slippery slope; the ones you probably will over eat and what foods will help you. This can be hard, so we are attaching a worksheet to get you started (see link below). It can also help to think of the clean out like getting out of a bad relationship. A bad partner makes you question yourself, makes you feel bad or guilty, and doesn’t support you to be your best self. You might miss them when you first break up, but eventually you may run into them at the grocery store or a party, say “hi” or give them a hug, and walk away without any negative feelings! It’s so liberating and confidence building!   If you have kids, and kid snacks that tempt you, it's ok not to have them in your house all the time. If you don’t need to eat it, they probably don’t need it either. I’m not saying they can’t have sweets, treats or fun snacks. But, if you have a bad relationship with them, chances are they will see that and learn it too. Commit to buying or making those treats in small quantities, and savoring them!  Here is the link to the Kitchen Set Up Assessment to help get you started! 2. Social Media Dump

Everything we consume affects our perception of the world. What we eat, read, watch, scroll, our relationships, and even just what we see in passing shape our reality.  Social Media has become a big part of the information we consume.  So for this clean out, unfollow the people or things that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Sometimes we follow fitness pages in hopes it will motivate us, but in reality we compare ourselves and feel bad. Unfollow!  Sometimes we follow brands thinking “I can’t wait to buy this one day” and then we see their posts and think of all the ways we are missing out. Unfollow!  Anything that doesn’t make you feel good, encouraged and supported. Let it go!   3.  Closet Clean Out

Get rid of all the clothes you have outgrown (or outshrunk 😉), that don’t feel good, don’t fit your style anymore, etc. If you feel bad getting rid of items, allow them to be a gift and consider donating them to Chicks in Crisis, the Elk Grove Food Bank, or Goodwill. If you need help figuring out what is necessary to keep, the Kon Mari method is really helpful.  It is ok to keep one or two clothing items that are a size or two too small; it can be motivating to have your goal pants to check progress. We love that tool to replace the scale. Make room for progress, burn the bridges to clothes that don’t suit where you are going! This weekend, I finally donated my old athletic training khakis. A sign of a past career that I loved, but this new path is better for me.  What ever your goals are, whether it’s fitness or life, take the time to make space for your growth! Make room for change!  And since it is so nice outside, go out and enjoy the sunshine a little too!  Yours in health and fitness, Roni

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