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Should you exercise when sick?

As a rule of thumb, we don’t recommend people to workout (in terms of going to the gym and doing a strength or met-con) when they are sick. We believe that it is better to take care of your self and get better. Take 2-3 days to get healthy, by eating good quality food, staying hydrated, getting lots of sleep/rest, and taking an immune booster to let your body fight it off. Its better to take those 2-3 days rather than fight it and feel like crap for 2 weeks.

Also, as a gym where everyone is working out together in close quarters and touching much of the same equipment, we don’t want to spread germs. Schools are a feeding ground for germs and we don’t want to do the same. If you feel like you may be coming down with something please be considerate of other and wipe down your equipment, and maybe use your own during met-cons..

If it become a full fledge sickness, like a cold or flue, we recommend you stay home and get healthy!

Click here to download an infographic from our friends at Precision Nutrition.

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