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Out with the old and in with the new…?

In the past few years we have run the New Year, New You Challenge, but we felt that it was time to change things up a bit and do something different. Our hope is for you to love your body, be proud of what it can do now, and not feel like you are broken and need a “New” one.

This year we will be running the T.E.A.M. COMPetition starting on February 7th and ending on April 29th (12 weeks).

It is a T.E.A.M. COMPetition because we believe that Together Everyone Achieves More! Each team will be comprised of 3 people, all trying to improve their body composition, with at least one (1) new AMPT Family member per team.

This is an opportunity for current members to share AMPT Fitness with their friends and family; and for new members to come in with the amazing support of veteran AMPT fam. As well as an opportunity to help us live our purpose and have a positive impact as many people as possible!

During the COMPetition we want to challenge you to shift your focus from the weight on the scale to improving your body COMPosition through movement and food changes. We will help you achieve that goal by guiding you through a series of habits that will help you maintain and/or gain Lean Body Mass while losing Fat Mass.

You and your teammates will earn points for every percent increase of LBM and for each percent drop in FM. The team with the highest score at the end of the 12 weeks will the receive the Golden KB Trophy!!!

12 weeks? Really?

The TEAM Competition will be a 12 week program. We like longer term “challenges” because they set you up for success much more than short ones. Short term challenges require a lot of will power to stick to rigid rules that don’t stick after 4 weeks. Where long term challenges help you develop the skills, habits, and routines that can be maintained for the rest of your life.

Your success in the TEAM COMPetition will hinge on 4 main areas that we will guide you through on your path to victory.


Everyone knows by now that you can’t out train a bad diet. And we are here to help you navigate a healthy diet that fits your lifestyle and your taste buds. We will help you develop a plan that gives you energy through the day, leaves you satisfied so you're not hungry, and allows you to have your cake and eat it too!


If you are already a member nothing will change for your fitness routine except maybe an extra day or extra walking to meet the recommended daily activity for a healthy lifestyle.

If you are not a member we have a program that will meet your needs, your fitness level, and help you reach your specific goals.

Our fitness philosophy is a balance of strength, conditioning and recovery to keep you strong, in shape, and mobile so that you can be ready to accept lifes challenges!


Recovering from, and managing, stress is a very important variable for your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. You need just enough to learn and grow, but not too much that it breaks you down; and we will help you develop strategies to help you recovery from that stress so that you can crush your goals.


We will be here for you along your 12 week journey helping you bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it, as well as keeping you accountable along the way. As an added bonus you will have 2 teammates to go along the journey with you!

TEAM Party

After the completion of the 12 week T.E.A.M. COMPetition we will have a Team Party at Dustbowl on May 1st. The TEAM with the highest overall score will be awarded with Golden KB Trophies and the first round of celebratory drinks are on us, along with appetizers!!!

If you are interested in the TEAM COMPetition please reach out to us via social media (LetsGetAMPT on FB & IG), Email (, or Phone Call (916-306-5470)

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