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Mastering the Art of Consistency

When it comes to achieving and maintaining fat loss, one of the most crucial principles is consistency and understanding that sustainable fat loss takes time. It is not an overnight transformation but rather a journey that requires patience, perseverance, compassion and learning knew habits. The path to your goals is non-linear; expect fluctuations and plateaus along the way. These are normal and part of the process.

Consistency means sticking to the fat loss principles and your individual daily habits even when the results aren’t immediately visible. It is about making the right choices for you and your ability 90% of the time, and recognizing that small, incremental changes will accumulate over time to produce significant results. We don’t believe that being consistent means doing it all, all the time. Rather it is leaning into the importance of developing new skills and habits every few weeks. 

For example, if your goal is controlling your calories, you may introduce these new skills every 2-3 weeks. 

Weeks 1-2: Eat Slowly

Weeks 3-4: Stop when you are satisfied

Weeks 5-6: Follow the recommend hand portion servings for your goal

By continually stacking new habits on top of previous habits you will prevent yourself from getting bored. You are stacking wins and consistently moving in the direction of your goals. 

If you want to keep losing body fat after those foundational skills, you’ll need to progressively refine and adapt your approach. This might mean:

  • learning how to plan for you week

  • experimenting with different meal prepping strategies

  • working with a personal trainer to help you with your fitness

  • buying a cool water bottle to keep with you at all times so that drinking water is exciting

  • creating a bed time routine that doesn’t include your phone

  • Not aiming for perfection, but doing your habits 90% of the time

Each new skill you practice, and habit that you develop, will help you continue your progress and build confidence that you can adapt to new challenges. 

 It might sound cliche but fat loss is a journey, and not a destination. As our bodies change, a healthy weight for you might look different. And when you embrace the process, celebrate small victories, and stay committed to your goals you’ll be able to find a way to your goals. By focusing on staying consistent 90% of the time and continual improvement, you’ll not only lose body fat but also build a healthier and more suitable lifestyle. 

Ps. This is part 7, and the final, of our Principles of Fat Loss; links are below to previous blogs. 


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