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Holiday Hold'em - The 90% Rule

We want you to eat what ever you want 10% of the time because food can be one of the great joys of life.

During the holiday season there are delicious foods that are almost symbolic: Chocolate chips cookies and milk, eggnog, and other family traditions. Our’s is fudge; Roni makes (The most delicious) fudge every year that we enjoy and pass on to others as gifts. The tradition started with her grandmother Ruth who would bake all kinds of cookies, cakes, and fudge to gift to family and friends. What would life be without being able to enjoy these gifts, and moments, with loved ones. But, on the flip side, enjoying too much food (good or bad) can cause one to be overweight, unhealthy, lethargic and just feeling crappy.

So, the 90% rule allows you to enjoy the food you love, and still work towards your health and fitness goals. 

Here are a few tips to make sure you are following the 90% Rule:

1. Make sure you do the math right: If you are eating 5 meals in a day, and there are 7 days in a week, that is 35 meals. 10% of that is 3.5 meals where you can eat what ever you want. 

2. The 10% rule doesn’t apply to binge eating all day: You still want to eat slowly, savoring your meal, and stopping before you get full. It does mean that you can select one meal to eat what ever you want, but still try to eat that in moderation. For example the difference between a few pieces of pizza and beer vs the whole pizza and six pack. The latter is going to derail your efforts. 

3. Plan you 10% meals in advance: Look at your calendar and find a day/meal where you may want to save that 10% for. Maybe you have a family holiday gathering and you want to enjoy that night; so make sure your meals leading up to the day are on point. 

4.Try to make an old favorite healthier: I don’t know if you’ve gotten the gist yet but I love pizza. One of my new favorite recipes is eggplant pizza (Click this link for recipe); now I can enjoy my “pizza” and still provide nutritious food for my body. 

The 90% rule is the most important principles in our up coming Holiday Hold’em Challenge, which begins November 25th.


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