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Holiday Hold'em Challenge

Last year we ran the Holiday Hold'em challenge for the first time ever.

We asked the AMPT Family to weigh in before Thanksgiving and weigh out after New Years with the goal of holding their weight!

With the added accountability, nutrition guidance and consistent training, a large majority not only held their weight, but lost weight.

So what about the minority, they did better then holiday's past... gained a few pounds, but came out of the holidays confident and in control!

2018 Highlights!!

Chris lost 5lbs

Deb lost 6.6lbs

Lois lost 6.8lbs!!

We are continuing this challenge in 2019, and upping the ante with a little poker twist (Bryan enjoys a good card game!).

The Grand Prize will include a Draw String Gym Bag, Shaker Bottle, Foam Roller, and Amino's or Protein (Your choice).

You can learn more about the Holiday Hold'em Challenge by visiting the official event page by clicking here -> Holiday Hold'em <-

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Bryan, Roni, and Riss

PS. If you're not a current member and you would like to join the challenge email us back with your mailing address and we will send you a card with 2 special 30 Day VIP's in it; one for you and another for a family member or close friend. Or click here -> 30 Day VIP <-

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