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Creating Fitness Success in 2020

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The new year is in full swing and many of you have probably set New Years Resolutions.

How are those going?

We want to help you stay on track this year by giving you a few pointers on fitness success:

Define Success

The definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”... So if you’re going to have success in 2020 you need to outline your goals, understand what is reasonable and what lifestyle your want to live. Knowing these will provide you 20/20 vision😉!

Understand the Principles of Fitness Success

Recovery: even good stress (like workouts) can slow process if you aren’t physically and mentally recovering.

Nutrition: You can’t out train a poor diet!

Fitness: Resistance training is the foundation of fat loss. Lean muscle mass = more fat burning at rest!

Mind-Set: When we choose “always something instead of all or nothing”, everyday gets us closer to our goals and farther from a “f - it” moment.

Community: We are all in this together, and together we will go far! The AMPT Family is support, sharing and creates accountability!

What is your plan for success?

Make sure you understand the difference between short term and long term strategies.

Short term strategies should always be apart of a bigger picture, that focuses on habits that you can maintain even after the “short term” is over, just like our Drop 2 Sizes and New Year New You challenges.

Understand that long term success is not linear, that you will have ups and down; and to constantly learn from your bad days to move forward! Ideally though, your trend line will be moving in the right direction over 6-12 months!

Photo from Precision Nutrition

Lastly, focus on one thing to improve on every single week. Science shows us that when we focus on one new habit at a time (for 2 to 4 weeks) we have an 80% success rate of keeping that habit for more then a year; but when we try to build two new habits that rate drops to 30%... So focus on one thing at a time and stack your habits in a sequential order to have an even greater impact on your long term success!

PS.. if you missed our seminar on Creating Fitness Success in 2020, you can download the slides here --> (Creating Fitness Success). <--

PSS.. if you gained any useful information from this blog please share it to a friend or loved one who may gain something as well. Our goal is to change the way health and fitness is done through education and practice, so please help us share this information!

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