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5 Steps to Crafting an Actionable Plan and Reaching Your Goals

Step 2: Create Process Goals: 

Lasted weeks email talked about reflection, celebrating what you have accomplished and clearly seeing where you want to go. Now that you’ve done that work, let’s create actionable goals that will help you get there. 

Because goals without actions are just dreams.

I think this is where many people fall short in their goal setting. They say they want to lose 10 lbs, they might even say “I need to eat better and workout”, but they don’t set an actionable plan to reach that goal. That’s what today is all about! 

Introducing the GSPA Framework! 

The what?!?

The GSPA Framework is a systematic way of turning any goal into daily actionable steps. It’s an abbreviation for Goals, Skills, Practices and Actions.

It takes your goal, and then helps you describe the skills that are necessary to accomplish that goal. Then you break those skills into the individual practices that make up that skill. Lastly, we can break those skills down into daily actions. 

Once you have your daily actions you can start working towards your goal!

Here is an example:

Goal: lose 10lbs


  • Proper nutrition habits that will allow you to be in a calorie deficit 

  • A well balanced fitness program that maintains muscles mass and is fun

  • Proper recovery strategies to not get burned out. 



  1. Eating mindfully and stoping when satisfied

  2. Eating high quality foods 


  1. Twice per week full body strength training 

  2. Cardiovascular that is appropriate for your ability 


  1. Balanced fitness routine so your not doing too much 

  2. Proper sleep habits to ensure recovery 

First major Actions to take:

  1. Nutrition: eat slowly

  2. Fitness: strength train Monday/Thursday

  3. Recovery: create a bed time routine

Try this out and see what actions you come up with. Then find a place to write them down and check them off daily!! Once you master your first major actions, usually 2-4 weeks, add the next actions! Continue to reflect and plan and go crush your goals, every day!!

Yours in Health and Fitness, 

Roni and Bryan Boggs

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