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Stories from Real People

 “Because of my experience with AMPT during the last 4 months I have noticed a change in my strength and posture. Both improving for the better, and the results have also shown on the tennis court with stronger serves and ground strokes. Also, many people at work have noticed a change in my appearance … (I am) convinced I made the right decision to train at AMPT.”

  Brian Browne, Coach/Athlete, Tennis

"About two and half years ago, my husband and I began working out at AMPT with Bryan a couple days a week after work and we just can’t say enough positive things about the experience.  Over this time we’ve made new friends, seen families grow, witnessed countless examples of skilled training, positive coaching and unwavering encouragement to many student athletes, young adults and “older folks” like us!"

  Karen and Arnie Ellis


"I have been working out at AMPT for almost 6 years. What I love about AMPT is the coaches. Bryan and Roni Boggs and Marissa have inspired me to work harder than I thought possible. They have also worked with me through injuries so that I could continue to build strength and maintain fitness and recover stronger. I love how the workouts are for everyone! From beginners to advanced fitness and everything in between, the coaches do a great job of modifying in order to meet the needs of everyone. And everyone at AMPT is so supportive if each other’s progress. AMPT is more than a gym. It is a family!"

   Cera Rapoza


“I first sought out AMPT in order to bulk up for football. After a year of working out here I have gained 25lbs, and feel stronger and faster. I have also learned proper lifting techniques and running mechanics. I highly recommend this program.”

    Derek Carrol, Football


    “…after my free week trial, I decided this would be a great place to gain strength and speed for baseball. Since training at AMPT for 6 months, I have gained 10 pounds and have gained a lot of strength, speed, and endurance. I enjoy the one-on-one attention you receive in a small group setting, the environment is very friendly. The benefits of training at AMPT are the results, I recommend this program.”

   Andrew Jarboe, Baseball / Rugby


    “Training at AMPT has really improved my technique and has helped my work ethic. Honestly, working with Bryan has pushed me to reach my goals and helped my lifestyle. Thanks to AMPT I am motivated to push myself and train harder than I ever have. I will continue with AMPT and I am looking forward to my future success.”

   Diego Cervantes, Football


As parents of two high school student-athletes, we fully understand and appreciate the need for quality strength and conditioning training.  Bryan has trained both of our kids; rehabilitating from injuries, sport-specific strength and conditioning and comprehensive agility strength and conditioning.  Bryan is not only a quality trainer, but he is a solid mentor to our children.  We highly recommend his program to any parent who would like their student-athlete to improve and excel.”

​   Andy & Jami Granner

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