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The AMPT Family has Spoken!

How are you doing through this current Shelter-In-Place? 

Do you have a daily routine?

Are you continuing to workout and keep up your nutritional habits?

Take a look at how AMPT Fitness is helping it members stay on track and keep crushing their goals!

"During this crazy time, so many of my friends have "fallen off the wagon" with regards to their nutrition and workouts. I feel so fortunate to have AMPT in my corner. Their whole team is keeping me accountable to my health and my goals. The daily check-in's and opportunities for help are countless... They are always making sure their clients (aka family) are taken care of and have the tools to succeed. They have become an essential service to me and my family. Thank you AMPT!!"

- Autumn

How is AMPT Fitness helping Nat through the Shelter in Place?

"It never fails that my AMPT coaches and family sneak in to my gratitude journal each morning. I’m so thankful for them! This SIP has been challenging in battling isolation and having direction. Having a workout awaiting me each morning that encourage me, not just physically but also in mindset, has a given me the boost I need each day. Having a routine has been important for a healthy mind and body. AMPT has helped with that! 💗"

- Connie

If you need more help with your workout program, with someone keeping you accountable, and looking for a community to keep you motivated; then check out our 30 Day $89 Virtual VIP Pass. This includes a Strategy Session, accountability, daily workouts, nutrition guidance, and access to your AMPT Family. What ar you waiting for? Click the "Sign Up Now" button below to get started!

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