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Holiday Hold'em

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Hello AMPT Family, Roni here!

I just got back from dropping Everett off at  school on this crisp, cold fall morning! Can you believe it’s fall already? That means the holidays are right around the corner. It’s the season for comfort food, holiday parties, cozy sweats and lazy cuddle days. But, we want you to stay on track with your goals and finish 2019 with confidence! So here are a few tips to keep you feeling great and on track.

1. Drink Water:

When the weather finally does cool off, we don't sweat as much or feel as thirsty, and we don't drink as much water. This slows down our bodies functions, and makes our heart work harder, which leads to us feeling tired. So, while there are a million tasty holiday drinks to enjoy, remember that your body still needs half your weight in ounces of water every day! 

2. Look ahead at your schedule and make time for workouts: 

This time of year gets crazy busy, and it can be easy to get caught up in all the holiday to-do’s. So, make your health a priority and get to AMPT often. Remember that building lean muscle helps burn more fat!! Keep an eye out for our holiday challenge to help keep you motivated. 

3. Enjoy the holiday food, but don't over indulge:

When you make a plate make sure you have veggies and proteins. Eat those first, and then eat the other stuff until you are 80-90% full. And really take the time to enjoy your food. Eating slower helps you digest better and lets your body communicate when it is full. 

4. Take time to recover:

With everything we have to do in these next two months, the stress can build! And while there is good (working out and holiday parties) and bad (holiday traffic and cold season) stress, it all adds up. When we are stressed, we stay in fight or flight mode, we don't digest properly and we store energy in the form of fat and water. So take time daily to destress by belly breathing, getting a massage, writing in a journal, watching a good movie with loved ones; and prioritize good quality sleep! 

These are just a few tips to keep you going through the holidays and heading into the new year with great momentum! If you find yourself stuck or struggling, let’s talk about it and work together to find a solution. As always, your goals and health are our top priorities. We look forward to cerebrating with you all, and closing out 2019 with strength and vigor!

Yours in health and fitness,

Roni Boggs

PS.. Keep an eye out for out for our Candy Buy Back Program!

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