Habit Based Nutrition

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Habit Based Nutrition is a different way of looking at what we eat. Instead of focusing so much on what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid, habit based nutrition focuses on developing one habit at a time. Like our work out programs we start with an evaluation and discussion to create goals. For most, its to lose a few pounds and feel better. From there, we start with an easy habit for two weeks that we know they can accomplish. After two weeks we give them another habit to focus on. The key is that the habits need to be sequential and lead towards a certain outcome! As they accomplish each easy habit, they begin to develop confidence in themselves, and the habits begin to get more difficult. Over time, our members change their eating patterns and habits to better reflect a healthy diet and as a result reach their goals!


   Our Habit Based Coaching Program is a 12 week programed designed to help you get started on your healthy journey! We recommend all of our new members to start with this program so we may assist them in laying the foundation for success.

With this program you will receive:

   - 60min Initial Consultation 

   - 30min Weekly Consultation

   - AMPT Habit Based Coaching Journal

   - Automatically enrolled into our 52 Week Habit Based Curriculum 


   This 52 week program is designed to walk you through the first year of your journey! You will receive daily emails on your habits, why they are important, and examples of how to incorporate them into your daily life. 

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